hey guys I was writing and then I pressed post and then it said it was posted and it did not post moving on, my sister and I are getting a dog yay the breed we are getting is a miniature schnauzer tell me in the comments what type of pet you have and what’s his or her name and I am so excited also my family is stuck on dog names can you please help us by commenting some names it would be very helpful thank you! I hope you guys have a nice and watermelon day bye.

from talking watermelon

colors of a watermelon



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  1. Hello Watermelon, congratulations on the new dog. My family has a heeler named Scooter. He is big and he hates he vacuum cleaner. He is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, but he feels he must defend my mom from it while she is cleaning, so she has to shut him out of the room. We once cared for a schnauzer named Toodles, but she found a different home.

  2. hi talking watermelon,
    Lina here I have two cats called Ash and Oreo they are domestic shorthairs P.S. A good dogma could be fizzer.
    Lina =)

  3. I see that you are exited to get a new dog.At first they are really fun,but there is 1 job you do not want to get stuck with cleaning up the mess.I wish you will put when yo are getting it.I wounder why do you want that breed,anything that makes that breed better than the others.I have a dog and his name is Remi or Remington,also a dog at my Grandmas named brownie. Remi is a beagle and brownie is a shitshoe mixed with Chawawa .Other good dog names are,Coment,CoCo,And it just matters about it’s personality and breed/color.

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  4. That is cool that you are getting a dog. I wish you would have not of used color in your story. I wonder if it is a he or a her ? I have a cat named Nelly well that is her nick name. I wrote a story about her on my blog on the older page. Please come visit my blog and please leave a comment,

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